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Beware – Co-Op Funeral Plans

A client of ours recently died with a Co-Op prepaid funeral plan in place which was purchased 17 years ago.

Initially the Co-Op said there was no plan in place for the deceased, we gave them a reference number and eventually they said they had found it on an ‘old’ system.

The Co-Op then said the deceased had not specified any details for the funeral. We emailed a copy of the Co-Op’s funeral plan pack to the Co-Op which stated all of the deceased’s wishes for hymns, which vicar, which plot the ashes should be placed in at the cemetery.

Without our information pack the Co-Op wouldn’t have even known the deceased had a funeral plan with them.

We advise anyone with a Co-Op pre paid funeral plan to ensure that their family are in possession of the details, our experience suggests you cannot rely on the Co-Ops systems to hold such details.

Prepaid funeral plans are an essential part of estate planning, for further information please contact us.