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Coronavirus – Planning Ahead

Coronavirus – Planning Ahead…

Having just returned from Costa Adeje in Tenerife, and stayed within a mile of the H10 Hotel which was under lock down following the diagnosis of Coronavirus in an Italian Doctor staying there, I thought I’d share what I witnessed. There was no panic in the resort just total awareness of what was happening. People of all nationalities were prepared and did not let the matter spoil their holiday. Every hotel, bar and restaurant had alcohol gel easily available to all patrons and everyone was using it. Everyone was washing hands correctly after using toilets or being in contact with others, particularly strangers. Planning and preparation meant that we were arguably safer in that resort than anywhere else in the world.

Having witnessed this I thought ahead to planning and preparation in life. The media has raised awareness about the potential issues involved when someone is suffering from Cornavirus, ultimately death. So have we planned ahead just in case we should contract such an illness?

  • Have you written your Will or had it reviewed recently?
  • Have you thought about who would manage your money and financial affairs if you had to self isolate and then found you had the virus? – this could mean months of isolation!!
  • Have you declared who will make future medical decisions for you should you not be able to do so yourself – including the withdrawal of medical treatment if there is no hope of your recovery?
  • Have you taken care of your funeral arrangements and prepaid for your funeral which is a most thoughtful gesture?

Planning ahead means not only taking precautions to prevent you from contracting Coronavirus, but also putting contingencies in place should you contract the virus – as difficult as they may be to think about.

Act now, call us for more details about what Estate Planning measures you need to consider.

Jim Goddard – Director, Trust & Estate Practitioner