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Guiding Principles


  • Prioritise communication with clients and colleagues; openly and honestly
  • Share views on a regular basis to help solve problems, improve service, knowledge, and better ourselves


  • Turn negative mistakes into positive learning
  • Challenge ourselves to learn something new everyday and share it with others to improve processes


  • We will take responsibility for our own actions and roles
  • Have the courage to speak out when something is wrong
  • Accept feedback and constructive criticism

Have Fun

  • Enjoy our work and appreciate our colleagues and clients, individually and as a Team
  • Socialise as a team whenever possible

Work Ethic

  • Everyday come to work with an approachable and helpful attitude
  • Remember WHY we are here
  • Always take pride in yourself and your job


  • We are a Team. We are the BEST. We choose to be here.
  • We are committed to exceeding our client’s reasonable expectations
  • We will meet with clients when they unexpectedly come into the office

Trust & Respect

  • We should treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves
  • We will trust each other to do our jobs and help each other when needed
  • We will not accept negative gossip, behaviour or office politics

Time Management

  • Prioritise workload and plan effectively to allow time to help others
  • Action matters swiftly and efficiently do not put things off until tomorrow
  • Avoid time wasting

Leadership at every Level

  • T ogether
  • E veryone
  • A chieves
  • M ore
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