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Wills ‘being signed on car bonnets’ amid lockdown

The BBC have reported that Wills have been held in place by windscreen wipers and signed on a car bonnet in a novel way for wills to be witnessed during social distancing.

Signatures are also being watched through windows and patio doors as current restrictions make 200-year-old will writing laws difficult to uphold.

Ministers say there are no plans to relax strict rules on signing and witnessing Wills.

Solicitors are reporting a “massive rise” in demand for wills from people worried about coronavirus.

The witnessing rules have been tested by the lockdown, isolation, and social distancing requirements in place during the coronavirus outbreak – at a time when many people want to finalise a will at relatively short notice.

This has led to people witnessing signatures over garden fences and standing in driveways, with solicitors often overseeing from a safe distance.

The Ministry of Justice said there were no plans to change the rules at present.

Solicitors are reporting a huge increase in demand for will writing services, as the awareness of mortality amid a pandemic increases and those with debts or legacies want to get paperwork in order.

Anyone thinking of writing a will is being urged to seek professional advice, as do-it-yourself wills from online templates can risk being illegal and invalidated.