On the Safe Side

Having taken the important step of writing your Will, Power of Attorney and other documents, you may be wondering….Where shall I keep it?

At home there is a considerable risk of accidental loss, burglary or destruction by fire, flood or tampering over the many years it is likely to be stored for.

If you store your will at home, in a bank or with an advisor, can you be sure that its whereabouts is known and your Will easily obtainable and placed in the hands of your executors when needed?

At Complete Willcare, we have solved all these problems by ensuring your Will and associated documents are secured in a fireproof facility and insured against peril. An ongoing maintenance programme ensures your Will is regularly reviewed and kept up to date.

Upon your death, Complete Wills ensure that your Will passes to your Executor and no one else. We are available to assist your Executor with the administration of the Estate by providing a free advice line. Should your Executor wish us to do so, Complete Wills can administer your estate on their behalf.

At Complete Willcare we pride ourselves in handling and releasing your Lasting Powers of Attorney, obtaining your authority as to the conditions under which we release the document to your attorneys to be actioned, this is very important.

Benefits of our services include:

  • Secure location of your documents

  • Certificates of Storage issued as proof of storage

  • Regular Will reviews and unlimited Will updates

  • Problem free access for Executors

  • Peace of mind

This cost effective storage and maintenance facility will ensure your peace of mind that having completed the task of writing your Willand associated documents, they are now in safe hands.

Service Fees

  • 1 Will – £24

  • 2 Wills – £36

Annual payments by standing order Safe Storage fees are fixed for the duration your Will(s) are stored with Complete Willcare, the fees include unlimited simple updates to your Wills as and when you require them