Protecting those close to you from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral is very important.

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance is the first step to all good estate planning. However, choosing the right funeral plan provider is paramount.

Following extensive research of pre paid funeral plan companies, Complete Wills has chosen to recommend certain local funeral directors to assist you in choosing a funeral plan provider, for the following reasons

Funeral Plan providers offer payment of around £600 per plan to introducers of business, like Complete Wills. Whilst this is good for us it makes the plans more expensive to you and there are plenty of such companies who are ‘here today gone tomorrow’! We therefore prefer our clients to be introduced directly to a local funeral director so they can plan the funeral with our client and keep the overall costs as low as possible.


Today, planning your funeral service and pre-paying its costs in advance is clearly making more sense than ever before and is one of the most thoughtful things you can do, taking away the financial worry from your loved ones at an upsetting and difficult time.

Average Funeral costs are £4,601 in 2020 according to the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2020

Make Your Funeral Plans with Our Help

  • Chose Your Preferred Funeral Director – We can help recommend one and link you to them
  • Chose the Plan that suits your needs and pocket
  • Chose Your order of service, hymns and songs
  • Chose how you pay, cheque, credit card or by installments

The range of Funeral Plans offered by our recommended funeral directors is straightforward and an affordable way to plan and pay for the funeral you want. Your money is safe, and can usually be returned if you need it back. Most importantly your funeral costs are covered from inflation no matter how long it was since you purchased your plan.

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