Complete Wills EPS Ltd believe in doing things differently. We start with the end in mind and focus upon our client’s journey so we can understand the experience they will have when dealing with us.

As a team, we believe it is important that all our clients know ‘Why’ we do what we do, ‘What’ it is that we do, and ‘How’ we do it.

Why – we do what we do

‘We are passionate about our customers and helping them access affordable, friendly and prompt legal services’

  • We arrive at work always wanting to do the right thing for our clients no matter how we feel that day.

  • We will look at a problem from different angles.
  • We strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of what we do.
  • We are passionate about customer service and providing a friendly, relaxing atmosphere for our clients.
  • We inspire each other. We are better now than we were six months ago, and in six months time we will be better that we are now – we are constantly improving.

What – we do

  • At Complete Wills we provide advice and legal services to businesses and the general public.
  • We aim to give peace of mind to our clients by providing solutions that fit their circumstances and which they understand.
  • Our long term strategy is to ensure that Complete Wills is here to provide a service to our clients and their families for generations to come.

How – we do what we do

  • As a team we have compiled and agreed on a set of guiding principles which we all adhere to.
  • Our guiding principles provide our staff with a formula to help us achieve the ‘WHY’ we do what we do. We practice, discuss and enforce our guiding principles on a daily basis.